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Young Academy 

Adult Program

The Young Academy offers a variety of adult classes, from beginner to championship in both a recreational and competitive setting. The Academy has classes online for those who find it hard to fit classes into their schedule as well as in person classes at several of our locations. Whether you are looking for a way to get some exercise and try something new or if you are looking to challenge yourself to learn and compete, we are able to meet everyones needs. Classes are for those who have never taken Irish Dance lessons or for those who may want to return to Irish Dance. The Young Academy also offers adult ceili dancing classes. 

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Adult Solo Dancing

Dancers will learn both soft shoe and hardshoe dances. Beginner/Advanced beginner level

Novice/ Prizewinner Level



Adult competitive dancing has grown significantly in the past fews years. Dancers can compete locally in regular competitions, they can attend the Eastern Canadian Championships, North American Championships, and Great Britain Championships. 

Ceili Dancing

A fun way to meet new people and exercise all while learning traditional group dancing in both a recreational and comeptitive setting. 

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