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1) At what age can my child start?

The Young Academy accepts dancers as young as 3 in our regular classes.

2) What does my child need to wear to class?

Comfortable skirt (above the knee) or shorts, a t-shirt, and socks. Dancers do not need to purchase shoes immediately, they can dance in small ballet slippers to start. There are also plenty of second hand shoes available at an affordable price.

3) How much is tuition? 

Each family pays a $25 registration fee for the year. Please contact us to find out more about class prices.

4) Do I have to buy a costume?

Dancers when they reach the level to compete or perform can rent a costume from the school. Only dancers from Prizewinner to Championship can wear a solo costume. Beginner costumes rentals start as low as $15 dollars a year. 

5) Does my child have to compete?

Competition is not mandatory, we do encourage students to compete at least once, so they are basing their decision on knowledge and not fear of performing in front of others.

6) Will my child get to perform? 

The school offers a yearly show along with other events throughout the year. Dancers of all levels can participate.

7) Do I have to be Irish?

Absolutely not, Irish Dance is for everyone!! Irish dance schools can be found all over the world. Even though it is based on Irish culture, the competitive side has made it mainstream and comparable to other dance forms and sports.

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