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Our Instructor


Janice Young was introduced to Irish Dance at the age of 9, where her love for the sport was immediate. She learned quickly that her love for competition would be her driving force. Coming from a small school that was not competitively focused, she was still able to excel in her competitive career for 21 years. She reached the highest level in competition dance, open championship. She was even the first dancer from that school to attend the Eastern Canadian Oireachtas, North American Championships, and All Ireland Championships.


Since retiring competitively at the age of 30, Janice received her TCRG in 2009 and her ADCRG in 2016. 

Having come from a small school, she learned that if you work hard, anything is possible. Because of this, she believes that any dancer can achieve their goals and encourages older dancers to pursue their dreams. Ultimately, it is her passion for dance that she wants to pass down to future generations.

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