Halloween Pumpkins

Summer Blackout Feis


 October 24th 2020

The Young Academy is excited to welcome you back to Montreal for our second annual feis!

Your Health and Safety 
is our top priority

Sashes for Top 5 in Prelim & Open Championships

Sashes for 1st Place in Reel for Dancers in Grades

Due to COVID-19 we cannot offer the Following:

Second Chance Prelim (Sash for 1st Place)

Alternate Hardshoe Special for Open Championship

Charity Treble Reel for Novice & Prizewinner Dancers

Most Promising Dancer Award for Beginner & Advance Beginner

Adjudicators & Musicians

Kim Lancaster - Ontario

Devin Cornell - Ontario

Debbie MacVoy - Ontario

Pat King - Ontario

Since it will be a Halloween Feis Dancer

Blackout Feis Rules

• No solo costumes

• No school costumes

• No school branded attire

• No bling on clothing or in hair

• No wigs, hair pieces, crowns, tiaras – hair should be kept neatly off the face.

• No obvious graphics or lettering on clothing

• Tops for girls: black leotard or black T-shirt, either short or long sleeved, but must meet the requirements set forth by the costume regulations: “necklines must be at the collarbone level or above” - low scoop or v necks that do not cover the collar bone are not permitted. No tank tops or cami tops are permitted.

• Black skirt or skort for girls. It should be comfortable for dancing and adhere to requirements for length.

• Boys: Boys should wear long black pants and a black shirt or Tshirt conforming to the same requirements


Marriott Baie D'Urfe

20000 Trans-Canada Hwy

Room Rate $135 plus tax
Free Parking
Restaurant onsite
Pool and Fitness Centre